Google Drive Hosting with Apps Script

The tutorial on hosting websites with Google Drive makes use of the HTMLService of Google Apps Script. The user uploads a zip file, the file is extracted using the Utilities.unzip method (make the sure the MIME type is set to application/zip) and saved in a folder.

The setSharing method is then used for making the Google Drive folder public and the ID of the folder is passed to the user. Here’s the full code:

/* Written by Amit Agarwal on August 9, 2013 */

function doGet() {
  var output = HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile('labnol');
  output.setTitle('Publish Website on Google Drive');
  return output;  

function uploadWebsite(form) {
  try {
    var zip, files, name, folder, file, host, found=false;
    zip    = form.zipFile.setContentType("application/zip");
    files  = Utilities.unzip(zip);
    // Unique folder name based on the current date and time
    name   = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), "GMT", "ddMMyyyyHHmmss");
    folder = DriveApp.createFolder("Website #" + name);    
    for (var i=0; iwebsite is now live on Google Drive. The URL is: ' + site;
    } else {
      // if the index.html file is not available, don't publish the website
    return "Sorry, we couldn't find an index.html in your zip file. Please try again.";
  } catch (e) {    
    return e.toString();