Google Maps Functions for Google Spreadsheets and Apps Script

The Maps Service of Google Apps lets you reverse-geocode and geocode postal addresses without using the Google Maps API. Given the latitude and longitude, you can get the link to the place on Google Map, it can get the formatted street address with City & zip from the geo coordinates or vice-versa. Credit: @thomasfr

These geo-functions can be used inside Google Spreadsheets and also Google Scripts as in the Twitter Archiver that puts the geo-tagged tweets on a Google Maps.

/* Get the Google Maps Link */
/* The longitude and latitude are passed as a comma separated string */
function getGoogleMapsLink(longLat) {
  return ""+longLat;

/* Get the Postal Address from geo location */
function getStreetAddress(longLat) {
  var longLat = longLat.split(',');
  var response = Maps.newGeocoder().reverseGeocode(longLat[0], longLat[1]);
  if(response.status === "OK") {
    return response.results[0].formatted_address;
  return null;

/* Get the latitude, longitude from the postal address */
function geocode(address) {
    var response = Maps.newGeocoder().setRegion('com').geocode(address);
    var longLat = {};
    var l;
    Logger.log("address: " + address);
    if (response.status === "OK") {
      Logger.log("response " + JSON.stringify(response));
      if((l = response.results[0].geometry.location)) {
        longLat.lng = l.lng; =;
        return longLat;
    else {
      return "error";