How to Send Tweets with Google Scripts and Twitter API

This example shows how you can setup your own Twitter Client using Google Apps Script and publish tweets programmatically from inside a Google Document, a spreadsheet or even a web app.

To get started, go to and create a new Twitter application. Switch to Keys and Access Tokens tab and generate your Access Token and Secret. This will help you send tweets from your Twitter account without manual authorization. Next in the Apps Script project, include the Twitter library (key: MKvHYYdYA4G5JJHj7hxIcoh8V4oX7X1M_) with the identifier set to Twitter.

function sendTweet(status) {
  status = status || "I found this snippet on @labnol's";
  var twitterKeys= {
  var props = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties();
  var service = new Twitter.OAuth(props);
  if ( service.hasAccess() ) {
    var response = twit.sendTweet(status);
    if (response) {
      Logger.log("Tweet ID " + response.id_str);
    } else {
      // Tweet could not be sent
      // Go to View -> Logs to see the error message