Replace Adobe Forms Central with Google Forms

Adobe is retiring their Forms Central product in the next few weeks. You’ll be download the Form Responses to Excel, CSV, or PDF formats.

If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe FormsCentral, consider Google Forms. It allows unlimited form responses, they are saved in a Google Spreadsheet and the forms are hosted on Google servers. You can even include complex validations in Google Forms using regular expressions.

One of the most popular feature of Adobe Forms is that it can email responses to one or more users when a form is submitted. This feature is not available in native Google Forms but you can easily add it with a simple Google Scripts.

Read tutorial on how to get Google Forms data in Email.

The script can be configured to send a copy of the form responses to the form submitter, you can send form data as HTML table or a PDF and there are other possibilities too. Like you can have a native HTML form that allows file uploads and saves the files to Google Drive.

Unlike Adobe Forms, there’s no option to integrate PayPal with Google Forms but again, there are Google Scripts that can work on the email notifications to handle PayPal transactions.