Export Formulas and Notes from a Google Spreadsheet

Dan Thareja has written a Google Script that will let you export all the formulas, cell values and notes from a Google Spreadsheet as a JSON file. You can also pull the Google formulas in another web app or Google Apps script using a GET Request. It should come handy when you are reviewing the formulas of a large sheet.

// Credit:

function doGet(request) {
  // ID of Google Spreadsheet
  var json = getNotesAndFormulas(;
  return ContentService.createTextOutput(JSON.stringify(cache))

function getNotesAndFormulas(spreadsheetId) {
  return SpreadsheetApp
  .reduce(function(cache, sheet) {
    var sheetData = cache[sheet.getName()] = {};
    var range = sheet.getDataRange();
    sheetData.range = range.getA1Notation();
    sheetData.notes = range.getNotes();
    sheetData.formulas = range.getFormulas();
    return cache;
  }, { spreadsheetId: spreadsheetId });