Create Google Contacts from Google Voice Mail

Google Voice sends you an email notification where there’s a missed call or a voicemail for you. The email includes the caller’s name, the caller’s phone number and, in case of voicemails, the text transcript of the message. The message also includes a link to download the Google Voice MP3.

The Google Scripts scans all your Google Voice emails, parses the content uses regex and creates a new Google contact. The transcript of the voice message is set to the notes field of the new Google contact.

Link: Save Google Voice Messages to Google Drive

// Written by Amit Agarwal
// Email:

// Search Google Voicemail emails
function searchGoogleVoiceEmails() {

  var threads ="", 0, 100);

  for (var t = 0; t < threads.length; t++) {

    var response = extractVoicemail_(threads[t].getMessages()[0]);

    if (response) {


// Extract the caller's name, phone number and voice message transcription
function extractVoicemail_(msg) {

  var result = {
    "Message Date": msg.getDate(),
    "Message Subject": msg.getSubject(),
    "Message Body": msg.getPlainBody().replace(/<[^>]+>/g, "").replace(/\s+/g, " "),
    "Transcription": msg.getPlainBody()

  var trans = /transcript:(.*)?play message/i.exec(result["Message Body"]);

  if (trans) result.Transcription = trans[1];

  //Voicemail from: John Q Public (202) 123-456 at 6:08 PM

  var match = /(Missed Call|Voicemail) from:([\*\+\s\w]+)([\d\-\s\(\)\+]*)? at [\d\:\s]+[ap]m/i.exec(result["Message Body"]);

  if (match) {
    result["Call Type"] = match[1];
    result["Contact Name"] = match[2].replace(/^\+/, "");
    result["Contact Number"] = match[3].replace(/^\+/, "");
  } else {
    return null;

  return result;

// Create a new Google contact from Voicemail
function createContact_(result) {

  var contacts = ContactsApp.getContactsByPhone(result["Contact Number"], ContactsApp.Field.WORK_PHONE);

  if (contacts.length > 0) {

    return "Contact Exists";

  } else {

    var contact = ContactsApp.createContact(result["Contact Name"], result["Contact Name"], result["Call Type"]);

    contact.addPhone(ContactsApp.Field.WORK_PHONE, result["Contact Number"]);

    return contact.getId();