Case Studies – Google Scripts and G Suite

Google Apps Script helps you automate tasks across G Suite and other Google products. Here are some interesting problems that people have solved with Google Scripts and G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps).

Upload Wedding Pictures – We got married and would like the guests to send us any picture they took during the day. I really want to provide them with an easy way to upload the pictures to my google drive. I don’t want to force my guests to create a google account though. [File Upload Forms]

Auto-Confirmation Emails – We’ve have an enquiry form on our hotel website and would like to send an acknowledgement email when a client fills the form. [Form Notifications, Gmail Auto-Responder]

Email Medical Records – I work for a medical group whose e-mail is supported by the gmail platform, and we need a product that can send out attachments that may contain personal health information (PHI). Are you HIPAA compliant? The files are sent directly from your Google Drive via Gmail to the recipient. No other person has any access to your files. [Gmail Mail Merge]