Using Gmail JavaScript API to Search Email Threads

This code uses the Gmail JavaScript API to search the inbox of the authenticated user (userId = me) for email threads that match the specified query. You need to create a new project in Google developer console with the Gmail API enabled.

The scope can be “” since this Gmail app requires only read only access to the user’s mailbox.

var threads = function listGmailThreads(userId, query, callback) {
    var getPageOfThreads = function (request, result) {
        request.execute(function (resp) {
            result = result.concat(resp.threads);
            var nextPageToken = resp.nextPageToken;
            if (nextPageToken) {
                request ={
                    'userId': userId,
                    'q': query,
                    'pageToken': nextPageToken
                getPageOfThreads(request, result);
            } else {
    var request ={
        'userId': userId,
        'q': query
    getPageOfThreads(request, []);