How to List all your Team Drives in Google Drive with Apps Script

Google Team Drives are shared spaces in your Google Drive where you can store files and they instantly become available to all members of the Team Drive.

Unlike regular folders in Google Drive where the files are owned by the individual, files in Team Drive belong to the team and, if a user is no longer part of Team Drive, their files continue to be accessible.

While Google Team Drives are only available in the business and enterprise editions of G Suite, anyone, including consumer Gmail accounts and legacy Google Apps accounts, can be invited to become members of an existing Team Drive.

This Google Apps Script snippet uses the Google Drive API (v3) to determine the list of all Team Drives that the current user is a member of.

function getGoogleTeamDrives() {
  try {
    var teamDrives = {},
        baseUrl = "",
        token = ScriptApp.getOAuthToken(),
        params = {
          pageSize: 10,
          fields: "nextPageToken,teamDrives(id,name)"
    do {
      // Written by Amit Agarwal @labnol
      // Web:

      var queryString = Object.keys(params).map(function(p) {
        return [encodeURIComponent(p), encodeURIComponent(params[p])].join("=");
      var apiUrl = baseUrl + "?" + queryString;
      var response = JSON.parse(
        UrlFetchApp.fetch( apiUrl, {
          method: "GET",
          headers: {"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}
      response.teamDrives.forEach(function(teamDrive) {
        teamDrives[] =;
      params.pageToken = response.nextPageToken;
    } while (params.pageToken);
    return teamDrives;
  } catch (f) {
  return false;

The return object includes the ID of the Team Drive which is also the ID of the top level folder for this Team Drive. You can use the existingDriveApp service of Google Apps Script to create sub-folder or add new files to this folder.