Differences between Google Team Drive and My Drive

G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Business users get unlimited storage and they can create Team Drives inside Google Drive. Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual.

This table outlines the differences between My Drive and Team Drives in Google Drive. It is currently not possible to sync files stored in Team Drives with your Mac or PC using the Google Drive client.

Google Team Drives My Drive
Who owns files and folders? The team The individual who created the file or folder
Can I restore files? Yes, if you have edit access or full access. Yes, if you created it.
Can I move files? To move files between Team Drives or from My Drive into a Team Drive, drag the files into the destination Team Drive folder. When you move a folder from My Drive to Team Drive, the ID will change. To move files between Team Drives, you must have full access to the original Team Drive and at least edit access to the destination Team Drive. Yes
Can I move folders? Only the domain admin can move folders inside Team Drives. Yes
Sharing All team members see the same file set. Different users might see different files in a folder, depending on their
access to individual files.
How long do files I delete stay in Trash? Each Team Drive has its own Trash. Only members with full access to the Team Drive can delete files. Files and folders in Trash are deleted permanently after 30 days or sooner if a full-access member deletes them first. Full access and edit access members can restore content from Trash. If you own the file you delete, it’s automatically removed from Drive on all of your devices and on the web. Deleted files are moved to Trash. They still count toward your total storage until you permanently delete them from Trash. If you delete a file that you don’t own or that’s been shared with you, other people can still access it until the owner deletes it.