Download Gmail Attachments to Google Drive with Apps Script

The Save Gmail Attachments add-on for Google Drive downloads file attachments from an email message to a specific folder in your Google Drive. Internally, it uses Google Apps Script and the Advanced Drive Service to fetch the attachments and save them to Drive.

Here’s a sample snippet from the Gmail add-on that shows how you can use GmailApp service with Google Drive in Apps Script to create a copy of any Gmail attachment inside Google Drive.

We’ve set the includeAttachments option to true and includeInlineImages to false to only download regular (non-inline) attachments and not inline images.

export const saveGmailtoGoogleDrive = () => {
  const folderId = 'Google_Drive_Folder_Id';
  const searchQuery = 'has:attachments';
  const threads =, 0, 10);
  threads.forEach(thread => {
    const messages = thread.getMessages();
    messages.forEach(message => {
      const attachments = message.getAttachments({
          includeInlineImages: false,
          includeAttachments: true
      attachments.forEach(attachment => {
            title: attachment.getName(),
            mimeType: attachment.getContentType(),
            parents: [{ id: folderId }]