How to Send Email Notifications with File Upload Forms

File Upload Forms for Google Drive can send email notifications when a new responses is submitted. The email message can be sent to any email address, including the form submitter’s email.


Open the Google Sheet associated with the Form and go to File Upload Forms > Form Settings (screenshot). To enable notifications, check the option “Send Email Notications” and fill the input fields for Email Address, Email Message and Email Body.

You can specify one or more email addresses in the Email Address field, separated by comma. Also, if you wish to send the notification to the email address of the form submitter, you can put {{ Email Address}} in the field where “Email Address” is the title of the question that asks for the user’s email address.

You can also include any form field in the message subject and message body by enclosing the field inside curly double braces.

For instance, if the title of your question is “What is your name?”, put the Hello {{What is your name?}} in the email subject and Martin fills the form, they’ll see Hello Martin in the email subject.

The email body will include all the form fields by default and also the uploaded file will be added to the email as file attachments.